About Us

We are a group of individuals in Edinburgh who are passionate about creating inclusive and welcoming spaces for Edinburgh’s amazing, diverse population.  Some of us are active in other campaigns and organizations such as Hollaback! Edinburgh, the Anarchist Federation, and No Borders Scotland.  For information about these, or other safer spaces groups in Edinburgh, feel free to contact us.

We have a small core group of about five members, which we keep intentionally small in order to ensure the confidentiality of claims or issues that are brought to our attention.  This group includes:

BEN – Ben is white, straight, male and cis-gendered. Alongside getting involved with other political campaigns Ben helps run a men’s gender studies group and helps out with the Edinburgh Hollaback campaign.  To contact Ben, you can email: ben (at) saferspacesedinburgh.noflag.org.uk .

STEPHANIE - Stephanie is white, female, cis-gendered, American, and queer.  She has been active with immigrant rights groups such as No Borders Scotland, the Unity Centre Glasgow, and the Welcoming.  She has also worked with activists in the education sector and the equal marriage campaign. To contact Stephanie, you can email: steph (at) saferspacesedinburgh.noflag.org.uk .